Sanctuary™ Secure Rooms

Panic Rooms
Are A Thing Of The Past

You’ve already done extensive work to make your home luxurious and comfortable, but the highest form of luxury is peace of mind. The FBS Sanctuary™ redefines the typical panic room, offering you the imperative comfort of security in your most personal space — and without compromising your home’s beauty and style.

Our state-of-the-art protection systems, including impenetrable doors and windows handcrafted exclusively in Italy to your specifications, seamlessly — and invisibly — transform any room into a safe haven. No more unsightly, industrial-looking hardware or metal casings. With our astounding selection of elegant materials, we can customize all armored doors and windows to complement any décor, while providing you and your loved ones an unsurpassed level of security.

Strength In The Sum Of Its Parts

The FBS Sanctuary™ is a tailored set of powerful methodologies

The old notion of rushing into a cramped, windowless panic room to hide from intruders is impractical and unrealistic. Not only is it a waste of precious real estate in your home, but simply being in it makes you panic. It makes far more sense to choose an existing room in your home to completely fortify. Most of our clients choose their bedroom because it’s already designed to be a relaxing environment.

The expert engineers and artisans at FBS work with architects, designers, and builders to retrofit any existing room into a technologically secured Sanctuary™. The doors, windows, walls, floors, and ceilings of an FBS Sanctuary™ are built to withstand intruders, bullets, and even hurricanes. Not only will it be the safest room in your home, it will be among the most comfortable.

Construction Hardening

A secure environment is only as secure as its weakest entry point
While there are many different hardening techniques available, FBS’ Sanctuary experts strategize structural modifications that will provide for an truly impenetrable environment, in any area of your home. From ballistic-proof walls to floors and ceilings capable of withstanding the destructive power of explosives, convert any room in your house into the most secure space possible.



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