Structural Upgrades

Reinforced, Cutting-Edge Protection

We may be biased, but we believe our high security doors are beautiful. Yet, their outward appearance is only part of the story. The exquisite finishes available on FBS custom doors conceal the indomitable reinforced steel and cutting-edge technology within. Integrated smart home automation, biometric locks, cameras with bulletproof lenses, and even hidden compartments embedded seamlessly into the door offer the utmost peace of mind for you and your family – and none of it will detract from the carefully crafted allure of your home.


The Ultimate Entryway Convenience

We can motorize any door we make, whether it’s a hinge door, a pivot door, sliding doors, or French doors. Motorization is a perfect way to add elegance, grace, and convenience to your luxury home.

Our motors are so small, they fit within the door frame itself. There won’t be any bulky box on the inside of the door to house the motor, and we don’t even need extra space in the ceiling. The footprint of the door remains the same, whether the door is motorized or not. (But trust us — you want it to be motorized.)

Extra Large Structure

Remarkable Openings Up To 74 Inches Wide

While hinge doors have a limitation of 90 inches in height (about 7.5 feet), pivot doors have almost no limit. Or at least, we haven’t found one yet.

We can accommodate essentially any size you’d like. We’ve made many extra-large front entryway high security doors that are completely mind blowing, and we’d love to make one for you, too.

Stealth Hinge™

Exceptionally Secure & Hidden
Our Stealth Hinge is made with a specially formulated lightweight ballistic-grade steel that will withstand gunfire from even an AK-47. If that doesn’t make you feel secure, we’re not sure what will.

Ballistic-Rated Security Upgrades

Bullet & burglar-proof your entryway
  • Ballistic Level 1
    Level 1 is our baseline bulletproof and burglar-proof structural upgrade. It ensures no one will shoot through your high security door with a typical 9mm handgun. We know because we’ve tested it.
    The Ballistic Level 1 upgrade is certified UL752 Level 1 and EN1522 FB2.
  • Ballistic Level 2
    Level 2 is our most popular ballistic structural upgrade. It ensures your high security door will be both burglar-proof and bulletproof from a .44 Magnum and beyond, which covers an overwhelming majority of commercially available firearms. It’s our best value, and one we recommend to anyone who has received personal threats.
    The Ballistic Level 2 upgrade is certified UL752 Level 3 and EN1522 FB4.
  • Ballistic Level 3
    Level 3 is our highest standard of ballistic security. It is designed to withstand high power ammunition from weapons like an AK-47 and beyond. While it may be a bit much for some people, for those who feel they need it, it allows for peace of mind that nothing else can provide.
    The Ballistic Level 3 upgrade is certified UL752 Level 7 and EN1522 FB5.

Stealth Closer™

Invisible, Self-Closing Convenience

The Stealth Closer device is designed to automatically close doors after they are opened, and can also be used to hold doors open for your convenience. The device itself is invisible unless the door is physically open at the time.

For ultimate security, pair the Stealth Closer with our motorized lock so your door will automatically shut and automatically lock every single time you open it, keeping you safe even when you forget to close the door behind you.


Our 3 and 4 sided perfect frames are measured and installed well ahead of door delivery. Installers are able to simply show up with your new door and know that the door will be perfectly plumb and level, saving lots of time and avoiding potential issues on day of delivery.

Fire Rated

Our Fire Rated upgrade increases the fire and smoke rating of your high security door. Our unique combination of intumescent gaskets, calcium silicate, ceramic fiber, and certified draught closer meets UL Standards for fire. This upgrade is perfect for people who live in areas where droughts or fires are common, like California.

Furthermore, most condominiums and apartment buildings require fire rated doors. Given the number of people living in the same building, it makes sense — you don’t want a fire to spread from apartment to apartment. If you’re looking for a new apartment or condo door, this upgrade is a great option for you.


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