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Intelligently Designed High Security Doors

Wide Array of Designs for Every Decorating Style and Peace of Mind

At FBS, we pride ourselves in creating hand-crafted one-of-a-kind high security doors for our clients. To make sure we can match any style, aesthetic, or color requirements, we have an almost unlimited number of options available to customize your doors — and we truly mean it. The possibilities are endless.

We like to tell our clients that if they can dream it, we can do it.

While browsing our vast array of door options, keep in mind that we have very talented, imaginative architects, engineers, and security and technology experts on staff who will help guide you through the entire design and development process. After speaking with you about your design and security needs, we’ll draw up some sketches, and then present you with materials she believes would be a good fit for your aesthetic and climate, and work in whatever structural upgrades and technology you’d like to include.

We’re also proud to offer design services. This service covers a meeting with our design team to discuss your needs and aesthetics, and custom sketches made to help you visualize what your home could look like with our high security doors and windows. If you choose to make a purchase with us, the design services total will be rolled into your order. If not, we’ll only charge for the design services à la carte.

We don’t expect anyone — whether designer, architect, or homeowner — to come to us with iron-clad ideas (of course, if you do, that’s great!). The design is the fun part, and we’re happy to help.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to book a meeting to discuss your high security doors or windows, you can call our headquarters or email us by using the contact us form at the bottom of this page

Residential Custom
Security Doors

Wrapped in Allure

The Perfect Compliment of Brilliance
and Beauty
FBS high security doors are beautiful, but beauty is more than external. The exquisite appearance of FBS custom doors conceals the indomitable reinforced steel and cutting-edge technology within. Integrated home automation, biometric locks, bullet-proof cameras, and more embedded directly into the door offer the utmost peace of mind for you and your family – and none of it will obscure the allure of your home or business.

Architecturally Designed Custom Security Doors Luxurious coverings for Every Taste

From Elegant Wood Veneer to Top-Grain
Leather and Fine Stone
From the minimalist lines of contemporary marble to the intricate adornment of the finest embossed leather, FBS artisans craft exquisite door coverings that cloak the tough security that lies within. An array of elegant custom designs include indoor and outdoor options, proving that impenetrable security does not compromise luxury or beauty.

Technology: Clever & Convenient

The Perfect Compliment of Brilliance
and Beauty
Enhance your security by selecting from high-tech upgrades, including biolock scanning, facial recognition, keypad opening, hidden or visible proximity sensing, and more — all designed to secure your environment in an effortless, non-obtrusive manner. In addition, choose from high-tech convenience upgrades, such as the ability to control preferences from your serenity room or view surroundings through the micro-digital video spy-hole. The possibilities are endless.

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