Common Questions

  • How are your windows different from the other windows in the project?
    Aesthetically, our security windows will look exactly like the rest of the windows — provided that’s the goal.

    Structurally they will be much different than a mass-market window. Most windows are made with aluminum frames, but ours are made with steel. Steel is stronger and much more likely to withstand determined intruders, as well as harsh weather conditions.

    We can cover the window frame in anything you want, whether it’s wood composite or hardwood. From there, the covering can either be painted or stained accordingly.

    Architects may need to make adjustments because of the depth of the frame, as well as the weight of the window. The depth will vary depending on the type of certifications required (ballistic windows can get very thick).

    The weight is likely to be greater than a normal window simply because of the steel frame, but the type of glass inserted in the frame may also play a role.
  • Do your doors require special jambs?
    The minimum jamb depth for a security door is 70mm. A ballistic security door starts at 75mm.

    Once we have a design finalized, we can let you know what the final requirements are, but this is a place to start.
  • If we are including an FBS Sanctuary™ do we still need a “Panic Room”?
    If the homeowner already has a panic room in the residence, that allotted space can be repurposed. The FBS Sanctuary™ will serve as the safe room once the system is installed.
  • If we replace the doors and windows does that make the room an FBS Sanctuary™?
    In many cases, it’s true that replacing old doors and windows with FBS security doors and windows can convert a space into an FBS Sanctuary™. However, it’s not always the case.

    Sometimes, a small number of additional items will be required to secure your room, or architectural changes must be made.

    The other consideration is your unique security concerns. Every person’s situation is different, which makes your security requirements different.

    To determine what might be required for your space to be completely secure, give us a call or send us an email through the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.
  • Should we just designate a room or area as the “safe room”?
    In theory, yes you can choose any room in the house as the “safe room.” However, we strongly recommend bedrooms to be utilized as your FBS Sanctuary™.

    Generally speaking, the time required to get to a “safe room” makes them impractical, especially if you were asleep when the intruder entered the home. They’d already have the element of surprise and you’ll be fighting through a haze of just waking up.

    You’re most vulnerable when you’re asleep — when you’re unaware of what’s going on around you.

    If your bedroom is already designated as your Sanctuary™, there won’t be any reason to wake up and rush to your “safe room.” You’re already in the safe room, and you can talk to the police from there.
  • Can you match the other doors and windows?
    In most cases, matching your custom security door (or window) to the existing doors (or windows) is not a problem. We can match the style and color, and even frosted or dyed portions of the glass.

    The notable exception to matching existing decor is the age of the finish. As wood ages, it weathers, which can be extremely difficult to match. While we can probably find a stain combination that matches reasonably well, the unique qualities (oftentimes texture) that age provides will not be feasible.

    For some clients, having matching doors is very important, as they don’t want security doors to stand out from regular doors. We understand this concern and make every effort to make such doors blend into the existing aesthetic.
  • Are there any special modifications that need to be done to construction?
    Our doors and windows are much heavier and stronger than standard builder-grade materials — even high-quality models. Some of our security doors weigh 900 pounds. This means that the opening will need to be modified accordingly.

    We require 4 inches of solid wood, concrete, or steel to mount the products securely and safely. Once the door or window design is finalized, we can provide an estimate of how heavy the door will be, which may change your structural plans. The final weight is depending on the coverings chosen.
  • Is installation complicated?
    Installation complications vary not only by product, but by the residence in which it will be placed.

    One thing contractors can do to ensure a less complicated installation is to double-check that the opening is strong, plumb, and level. If that requirement isn’t met, we can’t start the install. Please do everything in your power to make sure this is done before the door or window arrives on site.

    Additionally, making sure any necessary electrical or communication lines that need to be run are ready will help ensure a smoother installation. Motorized doors need an electricity source and biometric security panels will require both electric and IP lines.

    Motors are hidden within the door frames now, so there shouldn’t be any additional work necessary within existing walls or ceilings to accommodate them.

    Of course, retrofits are typically more complicated than new builds. That being said, the prep work is the hardest part. If the lines are run and the opening is properly prepped ahead of time, the installation will go more smoothly.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, we do! Clients often think we only ship to cities where we have offices, but that’s not the case. We can deliver our high security doors and windows wherever the residence is located, regardless of where it is.

    We’ve shipped doors and windows to Florida, New York, Texas, California, Illinois, Jamaica, and all over Europe.

    The fact that we’re based in Boca Raton, Florida, source hardware from a company in Miami, and manufacture at a factory in Italy has no bearing on where we can ship our products.
  • Why does anyone need this level of security?
    Admittedly, not everyone needs the highest levels of security we offer. However, we always recommend base-level security windows and doors to all our prospective clients.

    While it may seem like a no-brainer that we’d recommend our own products, that’s not the entire reason we have for doing so. We believe that protecting one’s family and loved ones is paramount.

    We know firsthand how easy it is to break into homes — to remove doors and windows — and how quickly it can happen.

    We simply want people to feel safe at home, particularly when they’re sleeping and can’t keep an eye out for themselves.

    The bottom line is that we live in a dynamic, uncertain world. Sometimes, it feels like we have so little control over our lives, but security doors and windows are a thing you can control.
  • I hate carrying a key yet I want to be secure. Is it possible?
    Of course. The further we get into the 21st century, the more obsolete keys are becoming. Houses and cars alike are getting rid of keys, in large part because they’re not secure at all.

    Physical keys can be stolen or even duplicated without the homeowner’s knowledge, giving residential access to people they never would have allowed inside. Even taking this angle out of consideration, locks can be picked very easily.

    To keep our clients safer, we have several keyless entry options, including those that incorporate biometric security measures.

    In fact, we prefer the biometric options — not just because it’s flashy or impressive, but because it’s truly the most secure. Facial recognition technology is the tightest security you can get.

    The facial recognition software we use is considered to be fractionals above 99% accurate. If you choose this biometric option, you can rest assured you’ll never need a key again.
  • How much do FBS security doors and windows cost?
    As much as we’d love to be able to get you a more concrete answer than “it depends” for our doors, it’s difficult to do.

    Without knowing the dimensions of the custom security door you need, the types of coverings you prefer, what technology you want to be incorporated, and what other special features you’d like added (such as hidden compartments), any number we give you could be inaccurate.

    However, windows are more straightforward, so we offer a budget calculator on our windows page. By selecting the type of window you require (fixed or operable), the size of the opening (in inches), and the level of security you need, we can give you an estimate of what your window may cost.

    Our clients typically find that our prices aren’t much above security door and window dealers, but that our products are a much better match to what they’re looking for.
  • Do I have to replace all my doors and windows to be secure?
    Everyone’s situation is different. We will work with your security team to choose strategic locations to maximize security. There may be weak points or areas that make it easier to climb to a second floor window or balcony.

    Some clients choose to order security doors for every opening, but only replace the windows on the first floor. Others add bedroom doors and windows because they feel safer at night.

    Ideally, you should have every external opening secured (windows and doors included), but not everyone feels that it’s necessary to do so, nor does everyone have the budget.
  • Do I need bulletproof doors and windows?
    In an increasingly uncertain world, we’ve had an influx of people asking this question. While it seems like an excellent added feature for the residence where you’re supposed to be able to relax completely, bulletproof windows and doors may not be necessary for everyone. We’ve discussed this in further detail in our articles section.

    This is another area in which we’ll work with your security team to determine the types of threats you’ve faced. Again, everyone’s situation is different and the recommendations we make in conjunction with your security team will vary accordingly.

    Of course, all of our products are designed to prevent unwanted intrusion. Which level of protection is appropriate for you is a matter of necessity and personal choice.
  • I have hurricane-proof doors and windows. Don’t I already have sufficient protection?
    This is a common misconception among residential property owners in hurricane zones — particularly Southern Florida, where hurricane-certified windows and doors are required.

    Many dealers that sell hurricane-certified windows and doors tell people that they’ll be sufficient security windows, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

    The physical construction of hurricane-resistant glass and security glass are different because these two circumstances are battling different enemies.

    Hurricane certification tests are more focused on water entering the residence than force of objects. While a 2×4 is thrown at the glass during testing, it is only thrown once (or twice, depending on the size of the window). Even then, the main reason for this is to make sure water doesn’t enter through the glass once it’s been hit.

    On the other hand, security windows are designed to stop an intruder who is using critical thinking skills and possibly tools to assist in the intrusion. Security windows are meant to withstand repeated blows to the same spot, as opposed to one blow here and there by a random object.

    But more importantly, security windows and doors are heavily reliant upon the frame. Hurricane-certified windows and doors may be built with aluminum frames, but for the best security doors and windows, you really need steel frames.

    The fact of the matter is that intruders may skip breaking your windows altogether. Instead, they may just pop out your frame — which is why the frame and its installation are so critical. Hurricane-certified windows won’t be installed with the same consideration.

    That being said, we can make you hurricane-certified windows and doors.
  • Do your products replace alarms and surveillance systems?
    We interface with security alarms and surveillance systems. While they’re designed to notify you of unwanted intruders, our products are designed to stop them.

    In the interest of full disclosure, we don’t love home alarms. We’d rather keep people out instead of simply letting you know once they’re already inside.

    That being said, most of our clients also have alarms in their homes and we work with them often.
  • How secure are your products?
    We’ve been building custom security doors and windows for over 20 years. Our clients span a variety of professions, including world-famous celebrities, heads of state and government officials, and private citizens.

    We’re proud to say that none of our products have ever been breached.
  • Do you recommend doors for interior or exterior?
    Our recommendations for interior and exterior doors depend on the residence.

    If the home has one entrance (such as in a high-rise building in a city) it’s more cost-effective to replace the front door.

    However, the larger estate projects we work on have multiple entrances, which opens residents up for additional breaches. In these cases, we typically turn at least one bedroom into Sanctuary™ — sometimes more, depending on the circumstances.
  • What kind of service packages do you offer?
    With the sale of any new high security door, we offer one year of complimentary Platinum Level Service.

    Included in this package is 24/7 phone support, and in-person technical support if the problem is too large to fix over the phone. Additionally, a technician will come to your house annually to perform a service check.

    This annual maintenance includes testing all technology, oiling hinges, changing batteries, and making sure that your doors are functioning properly.

    After the first year of complimentary service, you can choose to purchase a Platinum Level Service Plan.
  • Do we have to choose from the materials we see listed on the site?
    Of course not. We can make a door covering out of just about anything. If you have something in mind, feel free to ask and we’ll look into the logistics of the material.

    The coverings listed on the website are the most popular, but the list is not necessarily comprehensive.

    Let your creative juices flow. If you can dream it, we can do it.
  • I want to match the door and windows I have already selected. Can you products be matched?
    Absolutely, we can.

    We can exactly match the windows and doors you’ve already chosen for the new residence (or remodel). Alternatively, we can coordinate with your millwork company to produce coverings that meet our specifications.

    The only time that this becomes tricky is when we need to match the stain of aged hardwood. Weather affects wood and the finish coating it in unique ways that are nearly impossible to replicate exactly.

    That being said, we could certainly work with finishers to make sure the new wood was being stained and worn in a way that looks similar to what’s already present at the residence.
  • My house was built a long time ago. Will you be able to retrofit?
    Our skilled artisans have built doors and windows for residences all around the world — some new construction and some that are several hundred years old. We have yet to find a project we could not successfully navigate.
  • Our door and window frames aren’t level. Is that a problem?
    In order to properly install our security doors and windows, we require that all openings be plumb and level before the product arrives on site. This ensures that the installation goes as quickly as possible.

    For operable openings, this is even more important because the door or window needs to be able to move freely. An unlevel installation also means that motors on doors will burn out much more quickly.
  • Are your products complicated to use?
    While some of our clients are concerned at first that they won’t be able to operate the biometric readers, they typically find that they didn’t have anything to worry about.

    Enhancements such as facial recognition are designed to make your life less complicated, not more. All of our technology can be manually operated, or integrated into automatic systems, such as motorized doors.
  • Are you sure? I’m not good with technology.
    We will only incorporate as much technology as you request. Again, we want to make your life easier, not harder.

    We’re confident in saying that, if you can withdraw money from an ATM, you shouldn’t have a problem using our technology.
  • We already have security and surveillance systems. Can these be integrated?
    Absolutely — most of our clients have home security systems already in place. We can fully integrate with these systems, in addition to perimeter detection systems, access control restrictions, and home automation systems.
  • Do I need to purchase a dedicated system to interface with the doors?
    We offer dedicated tablets for controlling your custom security windows and doors. However, it’s not required that you integrate that technology.

    You can operate them manually, with keyless entry or biometric readers. In some circumstances, you can even use your existing Apple, Android, or Windows device.



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