Installation complications vary not only by product, but by the residence in which it will be placed.

One thing contractors can do to ensure a less complicated installation is to double-check that the opening is strong, plumb, and level. If that requirement isn’t met, we can’t start the install. Please do everything in your power to make sure this is done before the door or window arrives on site.

Additionally, making sure any necessary electrical or communication lines that need to be run are ready will help ensure a smoother installation. Motorized doors need an electricity source and biometric security panels will require both electric and IP lines.

Motors are hidden within the door frames now, so there shouldn’t be any additional work necessary within existing walls or ceilings to accommodate them.

Of course, retrofits are typically more complicated than new builds. That being said, the prep work is the hardest part. If the lines are run and the opening is properly prepped ahead of time, the installation will go more smoothly.

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