This is a common misconception among residential property owners in hurricane zones — particularly Southern Florida, where hurricane-certified windows and doors are required.

Many dealers that sell hurricane-certified windows and doors tell people that they’ll be sufficient security windows, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

The physical construction of hurricane-resistant glass and security glass are different because these two circumstances are battling different enemies.

Hurricane certification tests are more focused on water entering the residence than force of objects. While a 2×4 is thrown at the glass during testing, it is only thrown once (or twice, depending on the size of the window). Even then, the main reason for this is to make sure water doesn’t enter through the glass once it’s been hit.

On the other hand, security windows are designed to stop an intruder who is using critical thinking skills and possibly tools to assist in the intrusion. Security windows are meant to withstand repeated blows to the same spot, as opposed to one blow here and there by a random object.

But more importantly, security windows and doors are heavily reliant upon the frame. Hurricane-certified windows and doors may be built with aluminum frames, but for the best security doors and windows, you really need steel frames.

The fact of the matter is that intruders may skip breaking your windows altogether. Instead, they may just pop out your frame — which is why the frame and its installation are so critical. Hurricane-certified windows won’t be installed with the same consideration.

That being said, we can make you hurricane-certified windows and doors.

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