Parkland Anniversary – FBS To Donate Safe Room To Schools



Parkland Anniversary Upon Us, South Florida Based Security Company Pledges to Donate Safe Rooms to Schools

South Florida based security company, FBS – Fortified Ballistic and Security, announces plan to protect schools in honor of the one year anniversary of the Parkland shooting. For years, FBS has been perfecting their safe environments, or The Sanctuary™, for luxury homes, and the time has come to give back.

It would be difficult to dispute that our country faces a grave security crisis when it comes to protecting children in our schools. What is often up for debate is how to solve this emotional conundrum. The general pattern looks something like this: a school shooting occurs, debates break out over hot topics such as mental illness and gun control, real resolution feels slow to realize, and many Americans are left feeling helpless and desperately confused about how best to protect our children.

FBS felt especially called to action following the Parkland shooting last February when family, neighbors, clients and friends were directly affected by this tragedy. And, it’s not just Parkland, it’s happening across the country at an alarming rate.

What these schools all have in common is a lack of designated safe spaces.

After a year of actively negotiating with manufacturers and industry partners, FBS is optimistic they have a solution that not only bridges political divides and circumvents the sluggish legislative process, but also allows individuals a chance to take positive, legitimate action.

Starting February 14th, 2019, FBS is pleased to announce that for every Sanctuary™ a client installs in their home, FBS will install a Sanctuary™ in a school of the client’s choosing in their name, free of charge.

FBS representative, David Vranicar, explains, “FBS is already designing and installing safe environments regularly all over the country. We want to do our part to help. Our manufacturers, employees and other contractors have pulled together to mitigate costs to make this happen. This is just ONE idea, and we’re all ears to other suggestions.”

The Sanctuary™

The Sanctuary™ redefines traditional panic rooms, preserving aesthetics and a sense of comfort while also providing the highest level of ballistic security available. The design intends to ensure fortress level security without feeling like you’re in a fortress. Typically reserved for the upper echelon of celebrities and politicians, FBS is enthusiastic about giving that same level of protection to our nation’s kids.

These structurally engineered safe environments are custom-made and crafted to withstand bullets and hurricane force winds, providing the highest level of security available on the market and proven potential to save lives.

Vranicar points out, “This is an everyone problem. As a parent of school-aged children, I feel it’s critical to find ways to protect our kids, not tomorrow, but now. Our safe environments provide a more dependable and less contentious alternative to the most frequently suggested solutions. This takes policy and cost out of the conversation. It’s about giving back and finding common ground surrounding a common problem.”

Vranicar continues, “we recognize that it’s not a sweeping, all-inclusive fix, but it’s a start. It’s a grassroots effort to turn an act of evil into an act of good.”

To inquire about getting a safe environment installed in a school of your choosing or to share ideas on how you think FBS can help, contact

About FBS – Fortified Ballistic Security

FBS – Fortified Ballistic Security is a pioneer in the security sector, providing fortified, safe environments that are impenetrable without compromising beauty and style. For more information, visit


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