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People often see us as a door and window company, but that’s not actually the case. Sure, we make security doors and windows for luxury homes, but we’re a security company that sells doors and windows. Our top priority at all times is making sure your doors and windows are 100% secure 100% of the time because when they’re not, lives are at risk. 

We understand the gravity and the importance of the products we create, and given that our entire reputation is banked on our doors and windows being completely functional and secure, we want to make sure our customers are satisfied with their purchases for many years to come. 

To that end, we’ve decided to expand upon a program we’ve had in place for quite some time now. 

Starting January 2020, we will be launching a Platinum Level Service Plan. All new projects in 2020 will automatically be included, but this extensive service and maintenance package will be extendable to any door and window purchase you’ve made in the past, and can be renewed annually. 

Let’s get into the details of what this means for our exclusive clientele.

What is Platinum Level Service?

Our Platinum Level Service Plan is designed to ensure that our doors and windows are fully functional and are serving your needs accordingly long after they’re installed and in use. We’re not a big box home improvement store that sells products and moves on to the next customer — we’re a security company that designs and builds custom doors and windows for luxury homes, and we believe our customers deserve the best. To us, providing the best service means making ourselves available to them, day or night, holidays or weekends. A photo of a custom FBS pivot door at the front entrance of our Florida headquarters.The Platinum Level Service Plan will cover an annual in-person maintenance appointment to check the functionality, technology, and security features of your doors and windows. Our technicians will go through a regular check-up that includes things like: 

  • Testing all functionality 
  • Cleaning, lubricating, or replacing hinges as necessary
  • Testing and replace the batteries in keyless entry pads and screens
  • Checking the motors if you have them on your doors
  • Checking and if necessary, replacing batteries (in panels, key fobs, etc)
  • Installing firmware updates on all electronics

Additionally, the technician will ask the House Manager or Homeowner if they have any concerns or frustrations regarding their security doors or windows. For example, does the motorized pivot door move too quickly? Too slowly? Does facial recognition only work most (but not all) of the time? The bottom line is that if your home security doors and windows aren’t functioning the way you want them to, it’s not good enough for us — and we want to fix it. Aside from in-person service appointments, we’ll also be available 24 hours a day to answer questions by phone. It doesn’t matter if you call us at 2:00pm on a holiday — someone will either answer the phone or return your phone call as soon as humanly possible. In many cases, our trained technicians can problem solve based on what the homeowner is telling them over the phone, which means your frustration will be solved more quickly and you can go back to not stressing out about your doors and windows. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, or it’s deemed that in-person maintenance is required, we’ll book the appointment (and the plane ticket, if necessary).If that’s the case and you need a maintenance visit, barring circumstances beyond our control (such as severe weather, flight restrictions, or flight cancelations) the Platinum Level Service Plan guarantees that a qualified FBS technician will be on your doorstep within 48 hours to assess the problem. We call it a 24/48 Guarantee — or Fast, Bold and Seamless — and we do it because we believe that you deserve the best standard of service from your security company.A photo of a large pivot door in an office setting.The initial Platinum Level Service offering will last for 12 months from the date of substantial use, and can be renewed for a fee afterward. It will come with the purchase of every door, and every window.This concept isn’t new for us — this is the same service we’ve been providing for our clients for years now. What’s new about it is that we’re allowing clients to extend the service past the first year. Home security doors and windows that aren’t functional might as well be regular, mass produced doors and windows, and let’s face it: that’s not what our clients are paying for. They want top of the line security to protect themselves and their families, so if something happens that compromises their security measures, it needs to be fixed as soon as humanly possible. That’s the purpose of our Platinum Level Service. You’ll have a full 12 months to give your Platinum Level Service Plan a test drive, which will cover your first annual maintenance visit. That might be a good time for you to determine if you’d like to continue with the Platinum Level Service Plan or not.We don’t want to bully you into buying another service plan — we just want your doors and windows to function the way you expect them to, and in many cases, that means simple maintenance, just like replacing the filters in your furnace, or getting an oil change in your car. This is about protecting your investment, but most importantly, it’s about protecting you and your family. 

How Does this Plan Help My Home Security Doors?

The Platinum Level Service Plan is designed to make sure your doors are functioning, not just the way you expect them to, but the way you want them to. Doors are generally simple machines — there’s a hinge (or a pivot point) and when the handle is turned, the door is released to swing open or shut. There’s not much to that mechanism. However, our high security doors are a bit more complex. Sure, the mechanism works in the same way, but the methods vary. For example, we make keyless entry doors that can open with fobs or biometric screening (like facial recognition or fingerprint scans). When we come out for your annual service checkup, we’ll replace batteries in fobs, upgrade firmware in the biometric panels, check internal batteries, etc.If you have motorized doors, we’ll be sure to test the motor, check its power source for continuity, and make sure the homeowner is happy with its speed.

How Does this Plan Help My Windows?

Windows are also simple. Fixed windows are very hands off, and with casement windows, there’s a set of hinges and a lock. We’ll look at your fixed windows for any signs of damage (especially after a hurricane or other severe weather) and make sure everything is still in perfect order.We’ll do the same for your casement windows, but we’ll also check hinges and locks to ensure everything is working the way it should be. If we notice anything out of place, damaged, or needs oiling we’ll take care of it.

One Call Does it All

Perhaps the most frustrating, infuriating, time-consuming part of any kind of home maintenance is the runaround you typically get from contractors. Electricians don’t want to touch anything that doesn’t involve wires, plumbers are sticking to pipes, and carpenters are sticking to wood. It’s understandable — they don’t want to take liability over something that isn’t in their realm of expertise.However, if you don’t know exactly what the problem is, you’ll end up calling multiple people who book multiple appointments to come to your home, trying to figure it out. A close-up photo of a fingerprint scan panel on a motorized door.Our Platinum Level Service Plan guarantees that you’ll only have to make one phone call. If you need an electrician, we’ll arrange it for you. If you need replacement parts, we’ll come to your house with them and install them. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault, another contractor’s fault, or our fault — we’ll handle it.And we won’t send you a bill. One of our greatest assets as a company is that we’re not contractors. We’re a home security door and window manufacturer with a vested interest in making sure our products are properly installed and fully functional. When our products are installed, we’re on site to oversee the process and guide the contractors. From that point on, we take full responsibility with our Platinum Level Service Plan. If a contractor cuts a cable in the wall after installation, sending your motorized door to a halt, we’ll come out, assess the damage, confirm the source of the problem, and if we can’t fix it ourselves, we’ll book an electrician to come out and handle it.

What if I Live Far from Your Headquarters?

One of the common concerns potential clients express to us is that we’re not local to them. It’s understandable that they’d be wary, but in the 21st century, we really don’t need to have locations all around the world. Technology allows us to connect instantly to our clients, no matter where they are. Platinum Level Service means we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of time zone or holidays. If we can’t fix it over the phone, we’ll hop on a plane. We have clients all over the world and we take great effort to make sure they have exactly what they need from us. Your location doesn’t make a difference in the quality of service we can provide.And honestly, we like traveling. It’s not a chore to fly to the Caribbean to do a house call.

What About My Existing Home Security Doors and Windows?

While we cannot retroactively extend our Platinum Level Service Plan to doors and windows that have been previously purchased, you may purchase it to cover them. If you purchase the Platinum Level Service Plan, we’ll extend all the same annual maintenance to the doors and windows that are already in use in your home. We’ll check all the hinges, sliders, motors, etc. to make sure they’re in proper functioning order, and if they’re not, we’ll fix them for you. There’s no time limit on this offer — whether you purchased home security doors or windows from us two years ago or 10 years ago, we’ll still let you extend the plan to cover them. And of course, if you make new purchases with us, Platinum Level Service will be included for the first year.Much like our home security doors and windows themselves, the Platinum Level Service Plan is all about peace of mind. We want you to know that your security measures are effective — because you don’t want to find out they aren’t when someone is trying to break into your home.Properly maintaining your doors and windows is one of the ways we can ensure 100% security.A photo of a bright living room complete with FBS windows.

Exceeding Your Expectations

At FBS, we’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations, which are understandably high (you’re paying good money for your security doors and windows, so you should have high expectations). We don’t just want you to like your doors and windows — we want you to love them. But in order for you to love them, they have to work the way you expect them to. This is the main idea behind our Platinum Level Service Plan. Much like getting the prongs that hold gems in your wedding ring checked every few months, having your home security doors and windows looked over every year is the best way to make sure everything is in proper working order. We’d love to talk to you about your home security needs. Feel free to check out our common questions page, watch our product videos to see custom doors and windows in real homes around the world, or if you’re in Boca Raton, Chicago, or Los Angeles, make an appointment to stop into one of our showrooms. And of course, we’re always happy to talk to clients over the phone. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you create the Sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of with peace of mind that no one else can provide to you.You won’t find service like this anywhere else — we guarantee it. 


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